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Aesthetic Beauty Treatments

Welcome to Sara Silva Clinic

Aesthetic Beauty Treatments Earlsfield

From anti-wrinkle treatments to vitamin drips,  we can deliver a variety of health and beauty treatments that will leave you looking and feeling great. At Sara Silva Advanced Aesthetic and Wellness Clinic, our clients know they will be receiving a comprehensive and professional service each and every time.

Here at Sara Silva Clinic, every treatment that is provided is always carried out to the very highest standards, and I always put the wellbeing and comfort of my clients at the forefront of all I do. As a fully qualified and licensed aesthetic beauty specialist, I take immense pride in the service I provide to the people of Earlsfield, and its wider surrounding areas – Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Mitcham.

Everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, which can be tricky when skin concerns or issues keep weighing you down. That’s why here at Sara Silva, I ensure to provide a wide selection of both skin care and aesthetic treatments to suit any and all skin types, and always go above and beyond to create a relaxing and healing environment during your chosen treatment/s.

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Welcome To Sara Silva Clinic for Cosmetic Treatments

At Sara Silva Clinic in Earlsfield, London, I provide a huge selection of cosmetic treatments designed with your ultimate wellbeing in mind. My treatments are perfect for those who are looking to enhance their natural beauty, and with options available such as anti-wrinkle treatments, fat dissolving injections, vitamin drips and more, I guarantee to find a solution that is perfect for you and your unique needs. Whether you’re looking to brighten and bring life back to your skin with skin booster treatments, or aiming for a fuller, more youthful look with facial fillers, Sara Silva Clinic is the answer.

Great professional, friendly and fun, I highly recommend!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️👍🏼👏
Clara Silva
I absolutely LOVE my new lips and chin filler!!! 😍 I was so nervous and Sara was so patient and gentle. I loved it because everything was so meticulously explained to me… Some places you just tell them what you want and they just inject you without not even explaining much or not even analysing your whole face and advising. I’ll be back very soon! Thank you, Sara for the good work ❤️
Renata Ferrari
I love Sarah's work! She is very caring and patient. He did a detailed analysis of my face, highlighting different options that would make it more harmonious. I felt safe and without a doubt I highly recommend it!!!
Marluce Ferrari

Facial / Fillers

Our dermal filler treatments are perfect for those looking to enhance their natural beauty by filling lines or wrinkles in areas of skin that may have sunk. These fillers can add great volume to both the cheeks and lips and promise to leave you impressed with the results. At Sara Silva Clinic, we use high-quality fillers that have long-lasting effects. Choose from a variety of facial areas to find the treatment that best suits your needs.

Naural Makeup Over Pink

Skin Boosters

The skin booster treatment available at Sara Silva Clinic is perfect for those looking for a healthy boost to their skin. This treatment helps my clients develop a rejuvenated and beautiful look through the use of internal moisturisers. This method can help to improve the quality, appearance and surface of your skin. Skin boosters can help improve tired-looking skin as well as be the perfect solution for acne, sun damage and a range of other skin issues.

Anti-wrinkle Treatment

If you are looking for anti-wrinkle treatment in Wandsworth, Sara Silva Clinic promises to deliver pain-free and professional treatments suited to your needs. As fully qualified practitioners, our clients know they are receiving a high-quality and reliable anti-wrinkle treatment. This treatment helps deliver younger-looking skin whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Fat Dissolving Injections

Get non-invasive fat dissolving injections at Sara Silva Clinic, we use high-quality products in order to deliver the very best results. For those who are wanting to safely remove unwanted fat around the chin, fat dissolving injections could be the perfect solution. They work alongside your body’s natural functions to remove this fat via the lymphatic system.

Vitamin Drips

Sara Silva Clinic offers specialised IV therapies for a range of different needs. There are numerous positive effects that come as a result of these vitamin drips, including improving hydration, preventing signs of ageing, aiding recovery and much more. Vitamin drips are an excellent method of getting immediate and long-lasting benefits from important vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.