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Fat Dissolving Treatment in Earlsfield

Struggling to shift fat from problem areas? With the fat dissolving treatments I offer here at the Sara Silva Clinic in Earlsfield, London, you can say goodbye to stubborn, exercise-resistant areas such as pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen and thighs. Fat dissolving treatment is an excellent method of removing stubborn fat deposits, and is extremely non-invasive, with no surgery involved whatsoever!

As a medical professional with over 6 years of experience, I am extremely well-versed and adept in administering fat dissolving injections safely and comfortably, and go above and beyond to ensure a relaxed and healing environment during your treatment. The fat dissolving treatments I provide here at the Sara Silva Clinic are completely safe, and are done by working alongside your body’s natural functions to help remove stubborn fat deposits through the lymphatic system. 

Pain-free, and non-surgical with near-instant results, why not get in touch for a consultation today?

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